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Why are Christian Youth Programs the solution to help your troubled teen?

It is well known that the later teenage years are the time of experimentation with independence and of testing the parent-child bonds. This can be a difficult and challenging period for parents and youth alike. However, help is available! By keeping the lines of communication wide open, maintaining a ready willingness to forgive and above all holding a sincere and abiding faith in our Savior Jesus Christ, miracles can not only happen but should be expected.

This is where good Christian recovery programs can really help. Our troubled teen programs assist by focusing on spiritual cleansing and renewal - starting from the inside and working outward toward a salvation and rebirth of body and soul. Using individual counseling and a Bible-based structure, troubled teens are reached with a low-pressure, one-on-one program designed to help get them back together with their families as soon as possible.

Christian boarding schools are by no means exclusively for those teens from broken (or otherwise dysfunctional) homes. Troubled youth who fall into addictive, criminal or other problem behavior can emerge from even the most well-balanced and best-intentioned family environments. Even children in seemingly idyllic households are exposed to the adverse influences of bad peer groups as well as the insidious predations of the internet and other media. Unfortunately for parents, there is no blueprint for how to raise a trouble-free child. To some parents, it may appear as if the world is overrun with opportunities and excuses for rebellion.

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Christ-centered Residential Treatment

Many parents prefer the approach of Christian residential treatment centers to the more rigid protocols of the military boot-camp style programs. True Christian programs aren't ideally suited to help all troubled teens but just as the Lord works in mysterious ways, Christian programs often show remarkably dramatic transformations very quickly. Remain ever prayerful with hope in your heart, for there is no troubled child beyond the grasp of our loving Redeemer. Instead of sending your child to a cold and harsh troubled teens boot camp, make sure he/she is providing with a warm loving environment.