Wilderness Programs

Wilderness therapy programs - also known as wilderness therapeutic programs, wilderness boarding schools and/or wilderness youth camps - are a powerful source of help for troubled teens. When it comes to reaching troubled youth and helping them transform their lives, wilderness programs for troubled teenagers have become synonymous with success. Over the last thirty years, numerous television programs and print media have praised the effectiveness of wilderness therapy programs for troubled teens. The reason why wilderness programs are so effective is because troubled teenagers and defiant teens are removed from the environment where their problem behavior started and continues to be supported. Teens are then provided with a new environment where they can deal with deeper issues and problems, which allows them to experience a completely new and invigorating way of life. In addition, these wilderness programs for troubled teens challenge youth to recognize that many of their difficulties are consequences of their own choices. This recognition helps them to see options beyond the dark cycle of addictions, rebellion, crime and gangs.

Wilderness programs and camps for troubled teens not only remove troubled teens from the distraction of unhealthy and negative peers, but serve as effective alternatives to the harsh and potentially harmful boot camp type protocols. A youth wilderness program offers safe and inspiring havens where teens can engage in healthy relationships, build mature social and cognitive skills, and dramatically increase their self-worth and sense of purpose--benefits that cannot be offered by the top boarding schools in the nation. In the wilderness, issues of self-esteem, managing anger and controlling moodiness seem to vanish in the thinner air. Imagine your teen knowing the pleasure of a good night's sleep after a day of hard work, or looking up at the warm sun instead of the cold streets. This may sound hokey and trite, but it has proven true for generations of troubled teens who have participated in therapeutic boarding schools or wilderness programs and made a permanent change for their future. Find the ideal wilderness boys camp or girl's camp today.