Troubled Teen Help List for Utah

  • Therapeutic Boarding School

  • Discovery Academy

    A residential treatment and educational program designed to help teenagers that are failing at school, at home, and within the community

  • Sorenson's Ranch

    Wilderness and work program

  • Diamond Ranch

    Diamond Ranch Academy is a Residential Treatment Center for youth

  • Wilderness Program

  • RedCliff Ascent

    RedCliff is licensed by the State of Utah to provide outdoor therapy for students between 13 to 17 years and 18 to 24 years of age. RCA offers a flexible, individualized treatment process that can range from a 30 to 60+ day program. Student symptoms inclu

  • Second Nature

    Second Nature's treatment model focuses on two key areas: 1. The Student's Environment 2. The Student's internal processes Environment. The wilderness provides an environment free of negative external stimuli and influences, yet offers a richness of inh

  • Walkabout Therapeutic Expeditions

    Licensed treatment program that uses the wilderness as an alternative to traditional treatment settings, while employing traditional therapeutic methods. The program is an intervention designed to engage students in character development, resolve persona

  • Wilderness Quest - Adolescent

    Wilderness based 12 step AA model with intense family involvement

  • Entrada Wilderness Program

    The wilderness provides powerful elements of consequence, containment and motivation. Clinical expertise and a strong therapy focus provide opportunities to assess and intervene in the lives of adolescents experiencing problems ranging from a lack of mot

  • Passages To Recovery

    Passages To Recovery (PTR) is an innovative, holistic approach to the treatment of alcoholism and drug addiction. PTR is a recovery program set in the wilderness, specializing in helping young adults. The program has a flexible length of stay, and is desi

  • Outback

    Walkabout is a licensed treatment program that uses the wilderness as an alternative to traditional treatment settings, while employing conventional therapeutic methods. Treatment, not wilderness or survival skills, is the primary focus at Walkabout. To a

  • Wilderness Quest

    Wilderness Quest uses a modified 12-step program, self-discovery process in an experiential wilderness setting. Students "work" the first five steps in a Personal Success Workbook on the trail. This wilderness "doing" is enhanced by a unique family involv

  • Second Nature

    A safe, licensed, professional wilderness treatment program

  • Wilderness Quest

    The only wilderness-based substance abuse treatment program owned and operated by a recovering 12-step family

  • Distant Drums

    Distant Drum’s outdoor program is an intensive wilderness experience. We require a twenty-eight day minimum but length of stay can vary depending on the progress of the student and the needs of both the student and the family. Distant Drums is unique in t

  • Residential Treatment Center

  • Birdseye Boys Ranch

    An individualized and intensive residential treatment program for youth

  • Cinnamon Hills

    We provide a safe and healthy environment. Our staff of 195 full-time professionals serve, treat, and educate 132 students

  • Gateway Academy

    Gateway Academy is a residential program designed to give young men every advantage in their transition back to family, relationships and life. Gateway Academy is resolute that each young man receives an individualized balance of intense therapy, accredit

  • Island View Residential Treatment Center

    Intense milieu, diverse activities, strong academics

  • Kolob Canyon

    Kolob Canyon takes a holistic approach to therapy and growth for adolescent females while teaching social skills, interpersonal development, and work ethic

  • Logan River Academy

    Logan River Academy serves 13 to 17 year old girls and boys experiencing behavioral, emotional, educational, and substance abuse problems.Ê Students are admitted under a DSM IV diagnosis and may be experiencing problems such as: depression, adoption

  • Moonridge Academy

    Teenage depression strikes hundreds of thousands of adolescents today who feel trapped in a world of despair. Teenage and pre-teen depression has many causes. In some instances genetics plays a role. In other situations depression can be Òtriggered

  • New Haven Residential Treatment Center

    The primary purpose of New Haven is to assist students in achieving positive change and growth.

  • Pine Ridge Academy

    A therapeutic boarding school and residential treatment center

  • Provo Canyon School

    Provo Canyon School is a psychiatric residential treatment facility for boys and girls ages 12-17 who have the capacity for normal functioning but are manifesting emotional, behavioral, and learning difficulties and have been unresponsive to out-patient c

  • Red Rock Canyon School

    Red Rock Canyon School is a state-licensed residential treatment center serving boys and girls ages 13 to 18. Our spacious and attractive facility is located in St. George, Utah. We have a full residential facility, hosting comfortable living units, an ac

  • Turn-About Ranch

    Experiential treatment facility utilizing ranch environment

  • Vista

    Adolescent treatment center

  • Youth Care Academy

    Residential treatment center

  • Youthtrak - Utah

    Residential treatment program for males

  • Top Flight Academy Youth Treatment Program

    Top Flight Academy is a co-ed adolescent residential treatment program. During an average stay of nine months, students receive intensive therapy, an accredited technology-based education, life skills based in Positive Peer Culture, and self-esteem build

  • Alpine Academy

    Alpine Academy provides a therapeutically based-family style environment, with an emphasis on individualized treatment and academic excellence. Our program offers a comprehensive therapeutic environment, utilizing a cognitive-behavioral approach to treatm

  • Utah Youth Village

    Changing troubled young lives requires love, caring and the right tools. Utah Youth Village is the only organization in Utah certified to use the Teaching-Family Model; perhaps the most thoroughly researched treatment method for troubled children in use t


    Designed for treatment-resistive adolescents needing increased structured care and 24-hour supervision, including those who have failed outpatient care or who no longer require acute care.

  • Heritage Schools

    Heritage is a private, not-for-profit, long-term, co-ed, psychiatric residential treatment facility for at-risk youth, ages 12 to 18 with a wide variety of disorders, including substance abuse. Dual-diagnosis treatment prepares these youth to engage in th

  • High Top Ranch School

    Residential school and treatment center

  • Turnabout/Stillwater Academy

    Turnabout/Stillwater Academy serves male and female students 12 to 17 years of age. Students and their families are generally experiencing interpersonal conflict manifested by the student in self-defeating behaviors such as: dishonesty, acting out, promis

  • Vista, RTC

    Vista Adolescent Treatment Center is a residential treatment center committed to providing adolescents and their families with experiences that will enable them to realize the choices that have limited their growth and personal development. The program is

  • Youth Care

    Strong therapeutic program.

  • Telos Residential Treatment

    The mission of Telos is to invite and assist every person affiliated with the program to move toward his or her ultimate potential. We believe that the five cornerstones of lasting change are: Love, family, spirituality, principled-living, and insightful

  • Liahona Academy

    A residential treatment center for troubled teen boys

  • Integrity House

    A Residential Treatment Center with the primary objective of helping adolescent girls gain the skills and courage that it takes to make the changes in their lives that will guarantee a brighter day.

  • Red Rock Canyon School

    A family oriented residential program for troubled youth

  • Turn-About Ranch

    At Turn-About Ranch, we empower our students with the traditional Christian values of honesty, openness, respect, teamwork, and accountability so that we can instill within them a positive, responsible, and cooperative attitude that will prepare them to l

  • Uinta Academy

    Uinta Academy is a small, very therapeutically intensive residential treatment/academic program licensed by the State of Utah Department of Human Services. The girls receive psychiatric services, individual therapy, family therapy, group therapy, recreati

  • Wodland Hills Academy

    Sub-acute, highly structured and supervised (alarmed), very nurturing, intellectually stimulating, therapeutically diverse, medically conscientious, artistically sensitive, values oriented and deliberately small residential treatment center and boarding

  • Diamond Ranch Academy

    At Diamond Ranch Academy, we are deeply committed to all of the following: We are committed to changing the lives of troubled youth. We don't believe that a change of address is enough. When you send your teen to us, you can expect results. We are commi

  • Moonridge Academy

    Moonridge Academy is a 16-bed facility that works with girls ages 11-14 who are exhibiting some of the challenging behaviors listed above including oppositional defiance, self-mutilation, and/or suicidal ideation. Moonridge Academy is clinically intensive

  • Drug Alcohol Treatment

  • Youthtrack

    Provides community-based placement, with 24 hour staff, secure supervision, and intensive clinical intervention

  • Boarding School

  • Lotts

    A youth program

  • Oakley School

    The Oakley School is the first of its kind. As a Clinical Boarding School, Oakley uniquely combines the strength of a robust, college preparatory curriculum for a coed, high school aged student body with the holistic support of full time professional clin

  • Saratoga Springs Academy

    Transitional school for adolescent girls ages 13 - 17

  • Aspen Ranch

    Aspen Ranch is a licensed residential treatment center located in rural Loa, Utah, about three hours south of Salt Lake City. Aspen Ranch is surrounded by towering green mountains and incredible red rock desert. There are miles of BLM and Forest Service l

  • Cedar Ridge Academy/Cedar Ridge RTC

    The Cedar Ridge behavior management system is based on the Boy’s Town model of social skills and a system of levels that denotes progress through issues. We place a heavy emphasis on role modeling. Our mission: “Through modeling and teaching we guide yo

  • New Haven Treatment Center

    New Haven Treatment Center is a structured setting for struggling girls in need of help. Call us to find out how we can help your daughter.

  • Academy at Cedar Mountain

    A structured non-therapeutic boarding school focused on academics and character development

  • The Oakley School

    A boarding school that provides a whole education - one that challenges the student's mind, spirit and body.

  • Diamond Ranch Academy

  • Kolob Canyon Residential Treatment Center

    : Kolob Canyon Residential Treatment Center Kolob Canyon is a 12-bed facility that works with girl’s ages 14-17 suffering from depression, eating disorders, self-mutilation, anger and defiance, a learning disability, adoption issues, or a history of sub

  • La Europa Academy

    La Europa Academy is a unique 20-bed, fine arts-based facility that works with girls ages 13-17 that exhibit the behaviors and issues treated in the other CERTS programs. However, La Europa's specialized programming blends the healing power of the fine ar

  • Educational Consultant

  • Mason Associates

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