Therapeutic Boarding Schools

If you are having difficulties with a defiant or troubled teen, you may need more help than can be provided just at home. It may be hard to hear, but unfortunately parents can't always provide enough attention, encouragement, and moral support. It may be necessary to seek out external help from therapeutic boarding schools for troubled kids and teens.

Kids and teens with mental, behavioral, and/or emotional issues generally require more effort - from themselves as well as their teachers and their parents in order to ensure they are sufficiently learning their lessons. Regrettably, instructors and teachers within the traditional school system just don't have the time or resources necessary to meet these troubled teens' needs. Your teen could be dealing with depression, ADHD, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, or an anxiety disorder such as post-traumatic stress or obsessive-compulsive disorder, yet the traditional school system is not set up to deal with these issues. These are some of the most difficult years of your child's life, and sadly they lack the support they need at school and home.

If you believe your child is at risk, or you can see that they are fighting emotional, behavioral and/or mental issues, it may be time to get extra assistance for their needs. Whether your son or daughter has turned to drug abuse, is suffering from depression or an eating disorder, or is struggling from another behavioral issue, a boarding school offers the essential structured, academic program necessary for self discovery and healing. The good news is, there are many different options for help with troubled teenagers, including Christian therapeutic boarding schools, wilderness programs of varying degrees, summer programs, and much more.