Troubled Teen Help List for Tennessee

  • Wilderness Program

  • Three Springs Duck River - Closed

    This Program is Closed! Outdoor Therapeutic Program with Christian based groups. Long term.

  • Three Springs LEAPS Program at Duck River

    Outdoor program with accreditted academic school program

  • Residential Treatment Center

  • Bachman Learning Center

    Residential and day school for ADD, ADHD, other learning challenged youth

  • Cumberland Hall of Chattanooga

    Residential Treatment Center

  • Peninsula Village

    Peninsula Village admits males and females ages 13-18 with a range of psychological disorders but typically involving disturbances in mood and conduct as well as substance abuse/dependency. Most of the patients have entrenched interpersonal or personality

  • Advent Home Youth Services

    Advent Home is a childcare agency licensed by the state of Tennessee, Department of Children's Services. We provide residential care, counseling, schooling, work study, character development, and group therapy to 12-16 year old boys with LD, ADHD, ODD, ac

  • Duck River of Three Springs

    It is the purpose of Three Springs Duck River program to help young men deal with struggles, whether it is struggles with their family, school, or community. The ultimate goal is to heal the child and return him to his family unit. The program uses proven