Troubled Teen Help List for Maine

  • Wilderness Program

  • Hurricane Island Outward Bound School

    Wilderness educational program

  • Summit Achievement

    Summit AchievementÕs program is designed to help adolescents address the specific behavioral and motivational problems that they are experiencing at home or in school. The adventure-based therapy program has its roots in the founding philosophy of

  • Residential Treatment Center

  • Elan School

    A carefully conceptualized, caringly administered residential program

  • Summer Program

  • Hyde School Summer Challenge Program - Maine

    Providing an experience in character education for students and families

  • Boarding School

  • Bridgton Academy

    Students at Bridgton are striving for academic success. To that end, faculty and students work together to strengthen academic skills, to develop time management and organizational skills, and to improve self-discipline in order for students to meet the c

  • Deck House School, The

    Refuge for boys who have lost their way in the educational mainstream

  • Hyde School - Maine

    Boarding School

  • Educational Consultant

  • Joan H. Bress LICSW, CEP - College Resource Associ

    33 East Grand Ave.Old Orchard BeachMEfax