Turning Winds is our Recommended Residential Treatment Center

Turning Winds is our Recommended Residential Treatment Center

MyTroubledTeen highly recommends Turning Winds Academic Institute: Turning Winds (TWAI) is a premier residential treatment center for struggling teens ages, 13-18. Their highly effective treatment program delivers a synergistic and unique experience of academic achievement, programmatic excellence, and therapeutic effectiveness, resulting in a positive transformation for both the youth and families that we serve.

The Turning Winds School embraces a clinically driven, multi-disciplinary and individualized therapeutic approach. Their licensed professional clinical team assesses each student and participates with the student and their family to identify areas of concern; develops individualized goals and objectives designed to guide the change and personal growth process.

"Turning Winds... Restoring Hope for a Brighter Future"

The therapeutic process is enhanced through engagement of weekly individualized therapy with a licensed professional counselor who is focused on the child's emotional growth and helping them achieve their clinical goals. Furthermore, they also utilize Psycho-educational Activities, Group Therapy along with Addiction Recovery Groups for those who may need additional support through the therapeutic process.

Some of the presenting issues which Turning Winds specialize in providing inspiring and empowering treatment for, include the following: low self-worth; lack of motivation; low to moderate behavioral issues; poor academic performance; various adolescent disorders which may include ADD/ADHD, depression, various substance abuse and addictive behaviors, spectrum disorders and attachment disorders.

First Class Academic Experience

Students at TWAI experience a first-class academic experience. Their highly trained, board-certified teachers assess each student's academic needs throughout their residency, taking into account previous transcripts, testing, learning disabilities, strengths, interests and any specific needs or accommodations outlined in a student's Individual Education Plan (IEP) when present. Under the direction of the professional education staff, the TWAI individualized academic program guides each student to academic success.

Parents are often amazed at the academic progress that their child is able to achieve while enrolled in TWAI. On average, students increase their GPA by an entire grade point. Also, it is common for a student to complete 1.5 years of schooling in a 12 month period of time. Those who graduate from our school, go on to enroll in some of the most competitive colleges and universities in the U.S.

The Turning Winds Student Life and Recreational Adventures

TWAI offers an activity track that is sure to capture the interest of every child that they serve. Teenagers need healthy outlets so that they are able to develop essential social skills; further define key characteristics of leadership; and so that they can have fun and just unwind from a day of therapeutic and scholastic work. The activity track is composed of six categories which include: outdoor recreation; academic enhancement; vocational development; Arts and Music; Animal Care; along with Nutrition and Fitness.

When the TWAI students are not on our baseball diamond, soccer field, basketball court, workout facility, Frisbee golf course; you might find us mountain biking, hiking, skiing in the snow or on the water; on a field trip or an outdoor expedition.

Turning Winds truly offers a world-class approach to treatment. Through our unique and inspiring process, we are able to provide youth with a renewed path of success. Please call us today, to find out how your child can qualify for enrollment, 1-866-492-9454. "Together we can make a difference!"

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