Drug & Alcohol Treatment

Never before has substance abuse and addiction been such a common place in our society. Individuals that struggle with addiction quickly find their lives turned upside down. Everything in life becomes secondary to achieving the high they have become accustomed to. Thankfully, in a time that this disease is spreading throughout the world, we have unprecedented resources and services to help combat addiction and substance abuse. Even the addicts that are the most entrenched in their addictions there is hope. The chains of addiction can be broken. Some of the available resources are:

  • In-patient detoxification
  • Short Term Residential treatment (after detoxification)
  • Out-patient intensive addiction treatment
  • Addiction therapists
  • Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous

One of the common mistakes made is people thinking that after rehab or residential treatment they are finished. The reality of the problem is that it takes continued counseling and services. Some people need services for the rest of their lives to combat temptations, cravings, and triggers. Because each person's level of addiction and treatment needs vary tremendously, parents, guardians, and family members need to know which level of care is appropriate for their loved ones current needs.