Programs for Troubled Teenagers in California

California is considered as one of the areas with the most number of troubled teen arrest in the US. Although there are also a lot of troubled teen programs to offer here; parents may opt for residential treatment programs, therapeutic programs, boarding schools, wilderness programs, christian programs, and college preparatory schools. It is important however for parents to have a complete understanding of what their teens are going through before even deciding on an appropriate program that matches each child's needs. Here are some of the listed programs for troubled teens in California:

Therapeutic Programs

  • Calvary Ranch – A therapeutic ranch situated in Lakeside, California welcomes girls and boys from ages 18-25. The ranch utilizes a 12-step program as part of the whole curriculum. The program lasts for 90 days and visiting families and friends are welcomed three specific days within a week.
  • Capistrano By the Sea – A therapeutic boarding school and hospital located in Dana Point, California is open to boys and girls from grades 6-12. They offer services for children with behavior and emotional problems.
  • Villa Santa Maria – A residential community with an ideal therapeutic setting located in the high desert of the Sandia Mountains. Their clinical treatment is focused on the child and their families who are struggling from attachment disorders. The treatment also emphasizes not just behavioral issues but a child's trust and relationship issues as well. They offer services to boys and girls from ages 5-14 years old.

Residential Treatment Programs

  • Anacapa Hospital – A co-educational residential treatment center which provides a 12-step component and family treatment for struggling teens. Located in Port Hueneme, California, Anacapa Hospital is accredited by the Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Hospitals and Healthcare Organizations or JCAHO.
  • Family Life Center – A special treatment program which provides safety, healing and comfort to troubled, abandoned and abused boys and girls. They help instill self-esteem, values, hope, love and trust as these children go through despair and hopelessness. Their program is aimed at helping troubled kids become compassionate and contributing citizens of the community. The center is found in Hemet, California.
  • Newport Academy – A comprehensive and gender-specific residential treatment program for at-risk teens who have problems with substance abuse, dual diagnosis of occurring disorders and developmental differences. Newport Academy provides a holistic approach to treat troubled adolescents by addressing their biological, psychological, educational, social and spiritual needs. The academy situated in Southern California's Orange County only accepts 12 teens at a time – 6 boys and 6 girls – so that extensive care can be provided.

Boarding Schools

  • Balboa City School – This boarding school caters to girl and boy teens with learning disabilities, dyslexia and ADD. Located in San Diego, California, this school is also a college preparatory school which has a 5:1 ratio of student to teacher. The school however is not equipped to handle violent, abusive students with substance abuse problems.
  • Army and Navy School – A military boarding school for boys from grades 7 to 12 is dedicated to provide their students with a comprehensive education in a structured and safe environment. They are aimed at developing young men with good honorable character and motivating them to discover their full potential. The school is located in Calsbad, California.
  • Academy of the Sierras - A residential weight loss school for children with weight problems is now known as Wellspring Academy of California. The school accepts students from ages 11-18 and allows a total of 120 students to provide an optimum learning environment. This academy is located in Reedley, California and is dedicated to provide troubled and overweight teens with an environment that supports not only their success in weight loss but also in the academics.

Christian Programs and Boarding Schools

  • Camp Alandale – This christian camp is situated in Idyllwild, California accepts neglected and abused children belonging to grades 4 to 12. They provide these kids with an atmosphere of safety and provide them with special attention through experienced counselors. The camp believes that the healing that these kids receive comes from Jesus Christ through the sharing given by the camp's counselors and staff.
  • New Creations – This Christian program specifically caters to provide a safe Christ-centered support services and housing to teenage mothers ages 13 to 22 and their children. Through their program, they encourage these young girls to develop their academic, parenting, social and life skills. They are located in East Palo Alto, California.
  • Antelope Valley Christian School – Located in Lancaster, California and is accredited by Western Association of Schools and Colleges. AVCS is committed to inspire young men and women to succeed in the academics, be responsible members of the society and develop a sense of personal integrity through the teachings of the Bible as their foundation of character, faith as well as their morals.
  • Advent Group Ministries – A christian program run by a team of Christians helping out troubled boys and girls with their emotional, physical, social and spiritual needs. They also provide these troubled teens aged 12 to 18 years old with the needed therapy as well as a Christian love based on the teachings of Jesus Christ. The facility is found in San Jose, California.

College Preparatory

  • Benchmark Young Adult School – This is a private school aimed at helping young adults from 18 to 28 years old in overcoming his or her problems regarding depression, shyness, irresponsible behavior, attention deficit disorder and lack of motivation. Young adults become more independent and responsible as they gain proper education and prepare them through college. They are located in Redlands, California.
  • Squaw Valley Academy – A college preparatory international boarding school for grades 8 to 12 students situated at Lake Tahoe. They believe that by succeeding in the athletics, academics and social life, students are able to enhance their self-esteem. All students also participate in every outdoor education which can be a good alternative for having classes in traditional classrooms most of the time.

Wilderness Programs

  • Wellspring Camps La Jolla – This camp situated in San Diego, California focuses on teenagers who are experiencing weight and are mostly prone to low self esteem. They help these teenagers establish a more healthy eating habit, guides them in dealing with their issues and teach them appropriate coping strategies. Teens are provided with various activities to further aid them in their quest for positive change.