Troubled Teen Help List for Arizona

  • Therapeutic Boarding School

  • Spring Ridge Academy

    Spring Ridge Academy enrolls women ages 14-17 who often have a history of academic underachievement and experience problems with self-image, self-trust, and self-esteem, substance abuse, oppositional behavior, family conflict, attentional issues, anger, d

  • Wilderness Program

  • Anasazi Foundation

    The mission of the ANASAZI teen wilderness program is to prepare parents and children to turn their hearts to one another and walk in harmony in the wilderness of the world. The founders of ANASAZI believe the youth who come to "walk the trail" are not o

  • Residential Treatment Center

  • Copper Canyon Academy

    Small residential program with extensive family involvement

  • Mingus Mountain Estate Residential Center

    A diagnostic treatment and education center for girls

  • Progress Valley - Phoenix

    Residential aftercare for adults

  • Remuda LIFE Program

    Individualized medical, nutritional, psychological and spiritual treatment

  • Remuda Ranch Treatment Programs - Adult

    Individual medical, nutritional, psychological and spiritual treatment programs

  • VisionQuest

    Alternative to traditional methods of juvenile treatment and rehabilitation

  • Parc Place

    Offers a variety of treatment programs for adolescents who are experiencing problems. Specialized Services - Deaf - Juvenile Sex Offender (JSO) Services for the Mentally Retarded/Developmentally Disabled (MR/DD) - Emergency shelters - Autism program for

  • Gatehouse Academy

    Gatehouse Academy is a drug and alcohol rehabilitation program with an educational component for teenagers and young adults ages 17 to 25. It has facilities in Wickenburg, Arizona, Saratoga Springs, New York both in the United States, and in Thunder

  • Christian Boarding School

  • Alan Ranch

    Alan Ranch is a ministry providing a loving structured environment for troubled teens to get their lives on track through faith in Jesus Christ, a family atmosphere and work on ranch facilities, and with animals. The teens will live, work and go to schoo

  • Drug Alcohol Treatment

  • Cottonwood Recovery

    12 step and family focus. A carefully conceptualized, caringly administered residential therapeutic program.

  • Boarding School

  • Gatehouse for Young Adults 17-24

    Gatehouse Academy is a transitional living program focused specifically on young adults age 17 to 24, struggling with chemical dependency or in some cases, dual diagnosis issues. Parents/young adults seeking drug treatment often come our way. Residents

  • Judge Mason Educational Consultant

    Judge Mason's Troubled Teen Programs 150 Devils Kitchen Drive Sedona, Arizona 86351 928.284.5719

    Walter Norris Mason III, or Judge Mason is a life long teacher with an extensive one-on-one tutoring experience in helping children with special

  • Educational Consultant

  • Kenneth Davis, MA CTRS

    Kenneth Davis is an Independent Educational Consultant. He works with families of students with special needs. He provides services for these families to address learning differences and emotional growth challenges faced by students today. Educational op

  • Rusty Haynes M.S., CEP