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Boarding Schools in Virginia

The Commonwealth of Virginia, or simply Virginia, is the 10th state of the United States of America. It is located on the east coast region of the country, bordered by Maryland and Washington, D.C. to the north east that extends to the south shore of the Potomac River, by the Atlantic Ocean to the east, by North Carolina and Tennessee to the south, Kentucky to the west, and by West Virginia to the north west.

Virginia's climate is classified as humid subtropical climate, although it tends to vary according to location, becoming increasingly warmer and humid farther south and east. The state is known for its deciduous and evergreen trees that give the Blue Ridge Mountains their distinctive color. Deciduous, broad leaf trees cover almost 65% of the land of the state. Several of the country's renowned parks are found in Virginia, such as the Great Falls Park, the Appalachian Trail, and the Shenandoah National Park.

The history of Virginia began with Jamestown as the first English settlement in 1607, although the area was already settled by Native Americans of the Algonquin language. In the later years, major conflicts took place which culminated to the colonists' victory and the remaining Native American tribes had little alternative but to accede to the demands of the settlers.

Virginia was one of the thirteen colonies in the American Revolution during the last half of the 18th century. It joined the Confederacy in the American Civil War, during which Richmond was made the capital. During this time, Virginia's northwestern counties separated to form what is now the state of West Virginia. It is one of the very first states to be admitted into the union from the date of the Declaration of Independence in 1776.

The economy of Virginia is very well balanced compared to other states, with diverse sources of income from all sectors. At the onset of the Civil War, Virginia arguably was the wealthiest southern state with its lucrative tobacco plantations. At present, the state is still one of the wealthiest in the South, with booming industries in software, communications, consulting, defense contracting, diplomats, and considerable components of the professional government sector.

Virginia has a well developed educational system that consistently ranks among the top ten on the U.S. Department of Education's National Assessment of Educational Progress. The 2011 Quality Counts report ranked the state's K–12 education programs as the 4th best in the country. In 2010, 85% of the high school students graduated on time compared to other neighboring states.

Virginia Department of Education
101 N. 14th Street
Richmond, VA 23219

Boarding Schools in Virginia

Virginia is home to hundreds of prominent boarding schools. As of 2011, there are more than 129 private educational programs in Virginia: private boarding schools, Christian boarding schools, and special schools that offer alternative education or other services intended to help students in critical areas in development.

As with most private schools in the nation, Virginia boarding schools are exempt from state regulations, although a few chose to be accredited by regional accreditation institutions in order to establish a level of educational quality similar or better than that of public schools. If you need help finding a school, please click this link.

Timber Ridge School
1463 New Hope Road
Cross Junction, VA 22625
Tel: (540) 888-3456

Timber Ridge School (TRS) transforms is a therapeutic boarding school for troubled teenagers and at risk youth ages 10 to 21. It offers both short term and long term residential treatment programs, educational assistance programs, as well as therapeutic housing with transportation programs intended for students who are matriculated at nearby local public high schools.

Blue Ridge School
273 Mayo Drive
St. George VA 22935
Tel: (434) 985-2811

Blue Ridge School is private college preparatory boarding school for male students grades 9 to 12. It was established as The Blue Ridge Industrial School by the Reverend George P. Mayo in 1909.

Today, Blue Ridge offers a structured environment where study habits, time management and organizational skills are taught, and solid accomplishment is expected in the classroom, on the athletic fields, in the arts and in a host of co-curricular activities.
There are spiritual and extra co-curricular programs designed to give each students learning and leadership opportunities to stimulate personal growth and develop the skills.

Listings for Teen Boarding Schools in virginia. In addition to education, most of these private boarding schools provide treatment, therapy, and work training.

Timber Ridge School virginia
Continuously serving seriously emotionally disturbed and behaviorally disordered adolescents ... More info
Blue Ridge School virginia
Blue Ridge School is a college preparatory school of 200 boys in grades 9-12. The School caters to ... More info

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